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Our solutions are adaptable to a wide range of industries

Manual handling presents many challenges and whilst several pallet transfer products are currently available, such as the pallet inverter, when your requirement is to transfer goods without tipping or reordering the stock, TPS have the unique solution.

Our systems transfer stock directly from a hygienic pallet to a wooden pallet without tipping, rotating or reordering. Typically employed across the food and pharmaceutical industries, our solutions are adaptable to a wide range of industries.

Designs are also fully customisable, key advantages include:

  • Lower cost than equivalent inverter machine
  • Keeps Stock in Order
  • Eliminates Manual Handling
  • Saves Time and cost
  • Meets all health and safety requirements
  • Low Noise Pollution
  • Reduces risk of damage to stock
  • Negates the need for wood pallets in hygienic environments