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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the TPS System and a Pallet Inverter?
The Pallet Inverter system turns the stock upside down, whilst the TPS system keeps the stock in the same order

Why use a pallet transfer system?
Pallet transfer systems are employed where there is a need to separate a stock storage pallet with a pallet used in logistics. Usually where clean storage is require for stock.

Where would a TPS pallet transfer system be installed?
Pallet transfer systems are usually installed at goods in / out areas of a warehouse. Transferring goods ready for either storage or logistics.

What advantage does the TPS pallet transfer system over manual handling?
Pallet transfer systems can transfer goods from one pallet to another within a minute, without re-ordering or damaging stock.

Would a Pallet Transfer System help with waste?
Pallet transfer system is designed to efficiently transfer without damaging the packaging or goods, thus reducing stock damage levels.